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Moving You Up the Career Ladder

If you aim to elevate your career and step up the corporate ladder, then Gray Global Consulting LLC is the partner you’ve been searching for. We specialize in career coaching and offer bespoke services designed to help you land your dream job, negotiate a raise, and expedite your career trajectory.

Our expertise lies in our deep understanding of the ever-evolving job market, the art of negotiation, and the power of personal growth. We use this knowledge to craft a personalized coaching plan targeting your unique career aspirations and goals. But how does this help you? Let’s dive in!

Paula Gray and the Gray Global Consulting LLC team are more than a career coaching resource

We’re your career growth partners.

Paula Gray has over 20 years of helping professionals across the globe climb the career success ladder.  Her proven methods and personalized approach will help you to transform your career dreams into reality.

Top Talent Search

Executive & professional retained search

Top Talent
Unlock the full potential of your organization with our expert Executive and Professional Retained Search services. We understand that your organization’s success heavily relies on the skills and expertise of your team members. Therefore, we provide an exhaustive search to find the best fit for your business requirements.

Our team leverages deep industry knowledge, extensive professional networks, and a thorough understanding of roles and responsibilities to locate and engage top-tier professionals. Whether seeking a visionary leader or a specialized professional, we can help you identify, attract, and retain high-caliber talent to drive your organization forward.

Entrust your hiring needs to us and invest your valuable time leading your business to unprecedented heights. Let us empower your organization by connecting you with the talent that matches the job description and your company’s culture and vision.

Resume review services

In-Depth Resume Analysis with Paula Gray

This single 1 hour session with social scientist, Paula Gray, will cover specific techniques and language cues to give your resume a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Unlike any other “resume review” as these techniques are built on Paula’s education in linguistic anthropology and cognitive science.

Free 45 Minute Strategy Session

Ready to accelerate your career?

Schedule a free 45 minute session to learn how easy it is to position yourself for success with a top-notch coach at your side.